We got in touch with Madball (one of the leading bands of the New York Hardcore) in 2006, when we did the video for "100%". It was a unique experience that we have a little more detail here. Since then we stayed connected with the singer Freddy and it was a great satisfaction when we were invited to make the first clip of his solo work.

"Catholic Guilt" is a Hip Hop album, a bold step in the artist's career.
The chosen track is "Y Qué", the only one sung in Spanish, in which Freddy speaks of his Colombian / Cuban roots, his Colombian idols (the singer Diomedes Diaz and the boxer Happy Lora), of his "gangster" fame and his friends...
The sound goes back to the Caribbean Latin universe to which he refers.

The production was done in record time because Freddy was on tour with Madball and only would be in São Paulo for a few hours. Due to the delay of the flight from Santiago, we had just over 30 minutes to shoot on location. We chose a Cuban restaurant in Pinheiros, where the scenery and the dominoes, cigars, rum and beer went together perfectly with the music. In addition to the footage we produced on that day, the video has scenes from old school gangters films, several photos of the singer's personal archive and pictures of details of the location (by Luiz Trezeta).

Once again it was an honor to work with this artist, it doesn't matter if he's doing hardcore or rap, he has international repercussion.

Pablo Menna - Toro Productions - Jan 2010

Freddy Madball - "Y Qué"

Directed by
Pablo Menna

Produced by
Carolina Meirelles, Eduardo Andrade e Cláudio Sanches

Luiz Trezeta

Esteban and Conexion Caribe